Curriculum Vitae

Name: Ivan Strelbitsky

Date of birth: August, 6, 1952

Address: Chusovskaya ul, 10-2-85, Moscow 107497, Russia

Tel: +7-916-080-7838





Consultant for structural conservation and restoration of historic buildings for Moscow  Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum and its numerous branches Chief engineer in the Center of Traditional Russian Culture "Preobrazhenskoe".

 Assessment of technical condition of historic structures. Regular consultations for different clients on structural problems in architectural monuments. Responsible for conservation of several museums in and around Moscow. Regular consultations on structural problems for a network of theatre museums in Moscow.  Making surveys,  designs and on-site control of restoration work on historic monuments. Take  part in conferences on conservation around Russia and abroad (Toronto APT conference and Los Angeles SAH conference).  Lecturer for young specialists at the Courses of advanced training in conservation of monument in Moscow and also in Lynchburg, VA and Poplar Forest museum. Taking part in the program of emergency conservation of abandoned endangered churches in Moscow region   In charge of on-site surveying and evaluation of technical condition of historical and architectural monuments in Moscow and  Moscow region, Vologda, Kostroma, Archangelsk (including Solovki island), Perm, Ryazan, Pskov, Novgorod and Voronezh regions: churches, monasteries and mansions. Creation of  conservation and restoration plans of monuments and their adaptation for today’s use. Special attention  is  for  monuments in emergency condition. After the project stage is completed and actual work begins, I conduct and control the restoration process on-site. Among recent projects are:

-        emergency conservation of several endangered 18-19 c. churches in Moscow region

-         emergency conservation of walls and towers of New-Jerusalem monastery on the landslide hill;

-    emergency conservation of 'falling' belfry of the church for the Nativity of Our Lady in Pojarkovo;

-         emergency conservation of 16 c. Church in Medvedeva Pustyn (Bear's Hermitage);

-        conservation of Nikolsky gate at Izborsk fortress in Pskov region - joint work with Global Heritage Fund.

-    restoration of Roerich estate in Himachal Pradesh, India

-    restoration of mansion "Bolshie Viazemy" - Pushkin museum and reconstruction of wooden mansion house in Zakharovo, another Pushkin museum for his 200 years anniversary;

-         restoration and accommodation of mansion complex  "Odintzovo-Archangelskoe" as president residence;

-         restoration of several objects in Kirillo-Belozersky monastery in Vologda region.

-         restoration of different objects in Voronezh region including underground churches inside the chalk mountains.

-         restoration of an underground churches in Sarov in Nizhegorodsky region and Divnogorie, Voronezh region.

-         regular consultations and on-site visits on the monuments of Moscow region;

-         conservation and restoration of Saratov conservatory - among which is the aligning of deflected ceiling (emergency condition) of the main concert hall with 17 m beam span and mounting new gypsum decoration on it;

-         restoration of wooden houses in Vologda and Cherepovets (Vologda region)

-         restoration and accommodation of several houses in Moscow;

-    investigation and restoration proposals for the Nickolay Roerich mansion memorial at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India.

-         project for emergency conservation of several objects in Solovki monastery in the White sea;

-         Emergency conservation and restoration of Spas-Kamen monastery on the island in Kubenskoe lake in Vologda region.

-         Regular consultations on difficult cases in historical monuments with the problems in structural stability in Russia, North Ossetia and Abkhazia (Caucasus).

-        Technical survey and producing a plan for restoration of historic mansion – museum of famous Russian painter and philosopher Roerich in Kullu, Himachal-Pradesh, India.

-         And many more



1969-1975 Moscow Land Reclamation Institute, faculty for constructions. Specialization in hydrotechnical constructions (dams, canals, power stations).            Profession - engineer constructor.



1986 - ICCROM Wood Conservation Course in Trondheim (Norway)

1988 - ICCROM Documentation Center in Rome. Collected materials on methods of structural reinforcement of historical structures

2010, 2013 - Training at the Courses at the Restoration Institute.




2012 – till now – Consultant for structural conservation and restoration of historic buildings for Moscow  Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum and its numerous braches.. In charge of technical assessment of various historic building, belonging to the museum and its branches, making plans for their restoration and rehabilitation and on-site monitoring of restoration works.

2012- till now - Chief engineer at the Center of Traditional Russian Culture "Preobrazhenskoe" . In charge of survey, projecting and on-site monitoring of restoration works on various historical monuments of 17-19 c. in Russia. Numerous consultations on structural problems on different architectural monuments throughout Russia

2001 - 2012 - Chief engineer of the projects in Central Restoration Bureau (

1999 - 2001  - Chief engineer in private restoration bureau "SIMARGL" and regular consultations for Central Restoration Bureau and For Heritage Department Of The Moscow Region Committee

1995-1999 - Chief engineer in Heritage Department Of The Moscow Region Committee For Culture.

1993-1995          Chief engineer in a private architectural restoration bureau.

1990-1993          Senior research worker in the survey department of the Institute for Reconstruction Of Historical Towns under State Committee For Architecture And Town Planning. Responsible for on-site survey and diagnostics of monuments in the historical towns (Moscow, Pskov, Novgorod)

1989-1990          Leading expert in the Department for protection and usage of historical monuments in the USSR Ministry for culture. Responsible for evaluation of technical condition of historical monuments, reviews of conservation and restoration projects, consultations on methods of conservation.

1980-1989 Leading engineer in the Research and project bureau in V/O "Sojuzrestavracija" under USSR Ministry for culture. In charge of survey, projecting and on-site monitoring of restoration works on various historical monuments of 17-19 c. In Russia (Moscow, Kalinin, Vologda, Smolensk, Archangelsk and other regions)

1975-1980 Senior engineer at the Project department in the "Hydromechanizatsija" trust under USSR Ministry of  Energy. Taking part in projecting dams and canals for the purpose of energetics.



In 1988-1989 I conducted  research on methods of strengthening and conservation of structures in historical monuments. For additional information visited ICCROM headquarters in Rome (Italy). In 1985-1996 took  part in archeological excavations on the ancient Greek colony Gorgippia on the North coast of the Black sea and in the Nimfey archaeology camp in 2013. In 2002 took part in the APT conference in Toronto with a report on the emergency conservation at the Resurrection New Jerusalem monastery in Russia. The report was published in APT bulletin Vol. XXXIV, No. 1 2003 . In 2003 was nominated as an Engineer restorer of the highest category at the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation and in 2015 as a Certified expert for the

historical and cultural expertise of historic buildings. In 2004-2006 took part in conservation works at Izborsk fortress in Pskov region together with Global Heritage Fund (GHF )

Took part in numerous conferences throughout Russia with reports on professional activity. Also made talks at the APT conference in Toronto 2002 and SAH conference in Los Angeles Ca.  in 2016.  

Took part in presentation of CNRPM at International Exhibition on Restoration "Restauro 2008" at Ferrara, Italy.

Lecturer  for students and at the refresher courses for restorers at the Restoration Art Institute in Moscow from 2011 till now.

My  knowledge of English is sufficient for professional communication. Proficient with several computer programs.  

Personal: I have a wife, adult daughter and two small sons.